Chongqing daogu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 14, 2011.
Enterprise mailbox Is a professional provider of
cloud terminals, thin clients, industrial computers, OPS computers,
network security computers, cloud servers and workstations, domestic
servers, high-tech enterprises with industry solutions and other product
services and solution services.
The company operates its own domestic brand "kuaixiong" at the
domestic station, its own brand "DUGOO TECHNOLOGY" at the
international station Alibaba, and the software copyright of cloud
classroom system. Achieve Jingdong store's "fast bear computer flagship
store", ICBC rongyigou fast Bear store, Taobao fast Bear store, Alibaba
International station daogu technology store, Amazon fast Bear store,
chongqing municipal government procurement center government
procurement cloud platform daogu technology store and other online
platform sales, at the same time, set up offline Central City service
outlets Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chongqing and radiate
to the surrounding cities.
Years of industry engineers and rich industry experience provide
customized solutions suitable for customers in various industries.
Education Industry: provide solutions to shared cloud classrooms in primary and secondary schools, solutions to cloud classrooms in
secondary schools, solutions to voice classrooms for new college
entrance examination, solutions to artificial intelligence curriculum
system in colleges and universities, 3D teaching solutions, etc; enterprise
customers: provide Group IT infrastructure system platform solutions,
shared cloud desktop solutions, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud
solutions, etc. Manufacturing: combined with MES system to provide
intelligent manufacturing electronic Kanban solutions; Medical industry:
combined with HIS system and various types of terminal equipment to
provide IT infrastructure system solutions; Chain industry: Store IT
solutions; and it can provide OEM customized solutions and products for
The service objects are all over government agencies, financial securities,
culture and education, industrial and commercial enterprises, hotels,
real estate development and other fields. The service customers are all
over the world. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the
company is based on the industry by means of scheme selection,
product selection, reliable quality control and high-quality service.
Daogu science and technology adheres to the principle of
"professionalism and integrity", attaches great importance to contracts, keeps promises, strictly follows standards and strives for perfection with
the corporate culture of "being a man, the Valley of Science and
Technology, serve users with good service image, standardized operation
procedures and excellent quality, and repay the society!
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